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   ~Got a toy in your toilet?
   ~Banana peel in your garbage disposal?
   ~Hairball in your bathtub drain?
   ~Tree roots invading your sewer line?

Well, you've come to the right place because Drain Raider is equipped to handle all of these plumbing problems and MUCH MORE! If you have a drain in your home, chances are you have needed or will need drain services from an experienced plumber in Eugene, Oregon.

Commercial & Industrial:
   ~Do you own a restaurant? Most likely you are required to have a grease trap on your drain lines. Grease traps must be maintained regularly if they are to be effective at keeping grease out of the sewer system.
   ~Building owners also have a need for regular service. If leaves and rubbish are getting into your rain drains, roof leaks are sure to follow.

Have your down spouts and parking lot drains regularly cleared and flushed to prevent overflow.

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